Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Officially Graduated.

A day that I have been waiting for three years... 

The first year when I entered poly, almost everyday, I hoped that I could complete my diploma as soon as possible.
The second year when I was still halfway through poly, I prayed that time could pass slowly so that there would be more time for me to enjoy before facing SIP and MP.
The last year when I was going to finish my studies at poly, I really wished...

Took pictures with Mummy before we left house for the graduation ceremony. Yes, that Melody plushie was from Mummy as we saw it one or two months back and I thought that it was cute so she got it for me. 

& that's the only solo picture I managed to take throughout the whole day. *lucky I captured one at home beforehand*

Met the girls slightly earlier to take some pictures. These three girls have been with me throughout my three years in poly and I felt so thankful to meet them. They really helped me a lot, in terms of both academic and non-academic related matters, as I was blur/staring into space sometimes. I cannot imagine how my life in poly will be without them. No matter where we will be going in the future, I hope we still keep in contact with one another often.

Cool kids rock on hahaha. \m/

Also took some pictures with Mummy before she went to the guests seating area.

A quick snap with my careperson, which is also known as form teacher in secondary school days hahaha. 

Due to insufficient seats in the convention centre, some of us were allocated to sit in the LT to wait for our turns. At first, I was like zzz because we had to walk here and there. However, I realised it was a good thing because we had the chance to go in and out whenever we wanted, as long as it was not time for us to standby yet.

& Jiexin came to meet me for a while with the sunflowers (including Brenda's). Thank you so much my dear, despite it was a bit last minute for you to get the flowers and rushed down right after your class. :') I really appreciated it a lot and see you soon!!

So the ceremony started...

& here's the picture of me waiting LOLOL.Thanks to my beautiful girl who was graduating in the same session as me.

Finally it was my turn to go up. Everything was fine, except for the last part because.... I COULD NOT FIND THE WAY TO GET OUT OF THE STAGE HAHAHA. I was looking for the stairs down and here are some of my thoughts throughout that few seconds.
"Eh... Why I cannot see the stairs.."
"How my friends went down just now ah..."
"Did they remove the stairs?!"
Brenda.N laughed like mad when I told her the last one after work just now. -_-
Then one staff pointed to the side/back because I was walking nearer to the side of the stage and I almost wondered if I should jump down OMG HAHAHA.

Met Eliza after the ceremony. Thank you so much pretty choco for the pictures and the fan service HEHEHE. Really felt so happy to see you as it has been quite a while since we last met. We shall have a catch-up session soon!!

& here's my beautiful girl who graduated in the same session with me. Thank you so much for the balloons my dear!! I am really proud of you and yay for completing poly together (although different courses). Can't wait to see you soon!!

With my mummy again.

I am really thankful for all the wishes, flowers and balloons!! Really appreciated them a lot, thanks for making my graduation day a good one. :') Love you guys.  

Saturday, May 2, 2015

If I know.

"Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance, you must keep moving."

Caught up with the girls a few weeks back. Yes, I have been doing throwback for most of my posts recently because I was tired to update right after the outings. 

Had fun with them even though I was very very very exhausted x100000 after my work that day.

If I am typing this a few years back in my life, I guess I would be able to type out one big paragraph about my current thoughts/feelings. But now, I cannot express as much as what I really want. I do not even know what I exactly want/think deep inside my heart. Time does not make someone to change, the things you have experienced in life did.

Two more months to something that I have been yearning for so long...  Mixed feelings about it but I hope it would end up to be a good one.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Dazzling Cafe

It was my turn yesterday to visit the cafe that everyone is talking about recently. Reached the cafe at around 12.10p.m and we joined in the queue. The staff issued us a queue number after some while later so we left the place as it was one hour plus of waiting time. Long waiting time but one thing I like is that we could go to other malls nearby to shop and the staff would make a call when the table is ready for us. I cannot imagine if I were to stand in the queue for one hour plus.

Gotten a table slightly earlier than the estimated time and the first thing that I looked in the menu was the honey toast hehehe.

In fact, before I headed to the cafe, I was looking through the pictures posted by other customers online so my mummy and I already decided to order Matcha with Azuki Beans Honey Toast. 

Yes, it was a date with my mummy. A few weeks back, we gotten the complimentary drink vouchers while shopping so we planned to try it out since it is so popular and definitely, the honey toasts tempted us too.

Complimentary Dazzling Mint Iced Tea, together with bits of apples, strawberries and kiwis, which tasted a little sour and sweet.

So here's our food! Ordered one plate of Bacon and Mushroom Fettuccine to share besides the honey toast. I really love this spaghetti! I thought that I would get sick of it after a while because of the cream sauce but surprisingly, I did not. It tasted just nice and look at the egg yolk.... My favourite, I always prefer egg yolk to egg white. The most exciting part was to burst it LOL.

& the main star of the day... 

It really looked so delicious and tempting! But I felt a little disappointed after my first bite because it tasted like toast with ice cream LOLOL. Perhaps I had too much expectations on it so I thought that the taste should have made me really wow. Overall, it was still good but I would want to try the waffle during my next visit.

The waiter helped us with the toast as we had no idea on how to start eating it. No doubt, their service was really -thumb up- throughout our visit.

So we spent about $45 including the service charge and GST. I swear I was super duper full upon leaving the cafe, even though I shared the food with my mummy. (I reached the maximum limit hahaha.) 

The toilets in the mall were so nice please so I must take pictures HAHAHA.

It is Monday tomorrow again. Blues x10000000. But luckily, Friday is a public holliday so I have one more day to rest next week YAY.

Saturday, April 18, 2015



I wish I do not trouble/think too much.
I hope I can be more optimistic.
I want my life to be a smooth sailing one. 
Who don't?

Realised the colour that I dyed recently only appeared under the sunlight, but now it has faded. Too fast please...

Going to plan something for myself this time round. It will be a successful one, I think hahaha.