Monday, June 22, 2015

Alive Date.


Both of us finally had a chance to meet up for our Alive Museum date yesterday. It has been a bit hard for us to go out together recently since one of us is either working on weekdays or weekend. Fortunately, I would be ending my work soon so it would be easier to hang out with others though I would be starting school at a later date.

We headed to The Manhattan Fish Market for our brunch before we made our way to Alive.

Ordered set lunch and this was the soup of the day. It looked weird but tasted acceptable. I smelt tomato so I guess it was some veggie soup? Then I just googled the menu and found out it is Cream of Beetroot. I doubt I would touch it if I know this lol... Still, I prefer Cream of Mushroom.

This is fried salmon instead of the usual dory. It is quite worth it because of the lunch set promotions as salmon is one of the premium fish types in the normal menu, plus it tasted good too.

 & our Alive trip starts now...

As it was a Sunday and Father's Day, there were many families and couples in Alive. Hahaha, only the two of us were the odd ones out. We met some kind souls to help us capture pictures together and one of them still guided us in our positions in order to look better in the pictures. Almost everyone was nice except for one annoying auntie... 

Thank you for the day my dear @ontaechan and Mama Teo for this treat.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Dazzled Moment.

Are you ready to be dazzled?

(Captured this from one of the banners but it does not look like right? Heheh.)

It has been a week since the event ended. Frankly speaking, I do miss him when I am typing this post now, but not as much as how I did in the past. Previously, I had very bad withdrawals right after his flight took off. You may say it is because of time or the process called growing up, hence I am not so emotional about him leaving. Or maybe even because everything felt so unreal to me during those few days thus I think that it was just a dream to me.

Back to the main topic... So on the first day of his arrival, we went to fetch him at the airport. 

Taking pictures while it was getting darker... 

The last time when I saw him was six/seven months ago but I did not realise it has been so long. Time flies.

Someone was using flash that night. :(

Moving on to the next day, which was the official grand opening of Dazzling Cafe.

Went to collect the admission tickets in the afternoon. Yes, I won the tickets for the photo-taking session. I am really fortunate to be one of the winners and I cannot express how thankful I am for everything. Thank you.

Afterwards, I took a balloon from one of the waitresses as they were giving them out before the event started. Hehe, I chose the one in tiffany blue because it is really nice!? If you noticed, this colour was also used for the decorations of the opening ceremony and cafe interior.

The red carpet began and there were a few artistes turning up for this event. Then my mummy cued me to take pictures of Allen and Chris hahaha.

Not forgetting the handsome guy.

The most memorable moment came...

Here is what I have typed on instagram:
Winning the opportunity to go up for photo-taking is the best 'birthday present' that I have received. I never doubt myself for supporting him these years and he made me felt that I am absolutely right at that dazzling night. When my mum and I went up the stage, my mum wanted to let me to stand beside him as it was a moment that I had been yearning for. However, I also decided to give her this chance as she rarely gets to see him. Suddenly, he came in between us and said "一起,一起". At that second, his small but kind gesture touched my heart. He was not obliged to do this but he took the initiative to, which was really sweet of him and it means a lot to me. My mum also said he was so polite and kind of bowed though she felt a bit surprised when an artiste did it. After hearing this, I feel so proud of him. I am typing this not just because he is my idol, but it is because he is my role model, as well as motivation throughout these years, other than my family and friends. I am really so thankful for everything, thanks to him and for this!! (Not forgetting the girls too!!) @aayan1120, continue to shine on the stage and inspire more people. ❤

It may not be the actual story that really happened on that day as everyone views things in different perceptions, but all that I typed was just what I saw/felt when I was up on the stage.

Picture credits to dear @ontaechan.

Yay, wefie with Allen when the public event ended. He was so nice please?! At first, he was rushing to enter the private event so he could not take a picture with us when one of us asked for it. However, in the next second, he suddenly turned back and said ok. Then he quickly snapped a shot with us and went off. (My mummy hates this because I told her to go home as she got work the next day hahaha.)

Another wefie with the girls! I did not manage to catch up with them this time round as I was at the other side. Hope to meet them soon! (Forgot to take pictures with Cindy, Gina and Kainee. T-T)

Here comes the last day... 

Sending him off that day was one of the good experiences as compared to the past because he looked like he was in a good mood. 

Au Revoir.

With the girls after we sent him off.

Once again, I appreciate everything that has happened.