Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 25th, my pretty lady.

Thank you for everything, you are such a kind and nice idol. ♥♥♥

Monday, July 28, 2014

I don't dress up for anyone but for myself.


Finally met the pretty girl girl again! Had a lot of fun with her as usual, but the weather was too warm for us. Can't wait to meet her again SOON LOL.

Not the lighting that we really wanted, maybe it was due to the sunlight that day.

Hahaha, my outing with bff. We were actually doing stupid things for our video diary hahaha.

This was then the lighting that we wanted but we were too tired to continue... :(

Mixed feelings after knowing someone is coming soon. I am feeling so unprepared this time round because the news came too sudden even though we have waited for one year plus. & we left almost three weeks to his arrival but the details are still not fully released yet.
Sigh.... So stressed about everything now. Work, studies and whatever you can name it.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars


Movie date with Jiexin last week. Wanted to go Cathay to watch tfios at first but almost all the seats were sold out so we went to the cinema at Bugis+ instead. Hmmm I would rate the movie 3/5 as it did not make me cry. Ok, I cried actually. Within ten minutes of the movie, I already had tears in my eyes but it was not because of the story, it was just that I was freaking emotional during those few days. But after watching it, I remembered a very important thing. I don't have a piece of clothing that I super loved so that one day anything happen, those people can place it for me.

& here we go again... His second album after one month. Throughout the whole session, there were so many people staring at his album because they were wondering what we were doing. -judging in progress- It is ok, part of promoting lolol.

You can skip this hahaha.

Not many nice pictures due to the sunlight. Super hot that day and there were so many people staying under the shade.

Ever since last week until now, I am having a bad mood, no mood or whatever mood you name it. Actually everything was fine at first, then it bombed then I realised I was just tolerating myself ever since the first day so no one's fault. SO DON'T APOLOGISE. Each person apologied, the more I feel like crying as I am so guilty. The day when all my tears decided to -baboom-, I was at the hawker center then I cried and cried like no one's business till the next day before I went out for the movie. My eyes were so swollen thus I took a long time to stick my eyelid tape. After I reached home, then I continued my crying session. Almost in every few minutes of calming myself down, my tears came out again. Ok then that's the end of my post because I feel like crying again while typing this.

Life sucks. Just leave me alone and let me rot, that's my goal for so long so it would remain.

Our 黑白配 Outing.


Delayed post because I am too lazy and I don't have the mood to do anything at all... Anyway I finally managed to meet the two puddings a few weeks back ever since March. Headed to Seoul Yummy for our lunch and we could not even finish the food even we ordered the set to share. But the food there was really nice!! -thumb up-

Then we moved on to spam pictures wherever we went hahaha.

Took many pictures on that day and I really had a lot of fun with them.

Moved to outdoor...

Ok we were retarded lolol.

Love this unintentional shot, I can't remember what happened though.

Another unintentional shot, only reacted one second later after this shot since we were using the Sports mode in my camera.

Then we realised just nice we had one DRAMA album with us, so here is the picture. LOL DID YOU REALLY THINK WE SPECIALLY BROUGHT IT OUT WHEN YOU SAW THIS IN INSTAGRAM.

Was trying another mode in my camera when a short video was filmed while taking the picture so after combining everything, tadaaaaaaaa.

I miss all those fun....