Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am just tired.

Not in the mood these few days... Wandering alone for the day, trying to make myself to feel better. 

-quoted online

& I really regret for not ordering the GE bagpack a few weeks ago because they have stopped taking in new orders now, ahhhhh. :(

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cafe Hop Hop.

Went for cafe hopping yesterday again heheh. Headed to Chye Seng Huat Hardware which is quite a retro type of cafe. My friend had Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio, heard that it was really very spicy.

Ordered The Huat Breakfast without the beef pastrami since I cannot eat beef. Love the eggs and potatoes but double love to the butter croissant. Did not really finish the sausage and the bacon because they are not my type of tea, and the bacon was so salty. (The one I ate at Lola's Cafe was sweet as I think they put some honey.)
ps. Don't expect me to describe the food too much, 我只会吃 LOL.

Went to The Tiramisu Hero after that as it was only a few minutes walk. 

Did not get to try the tiramisu though, but I ordered their iced mocha.

CAN YOU FEEL MY HAPPINESS WHEN I FINALLY FOUND THIS IN SG! Had been going to a number of different stores to check for this since 1st April. All of them did not bring in this magazine at all so I put my very very very last hope on Kinokuniya. Went there and the person said that it would either be in by 6p.m or next week. So I headed back there in the evening and just nice they were packing the magazines. & she liked my post in the middle of the night even though she said good night at 10+p.m hahaha.
Yayyyy, SG 飘飘们, you all can go Kinokuniya to grab this now!! ^-^

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Animated Gifs.

Just surfing around the net while taking a rest from my shows and I saw this so ended up playing with it lolol.

Recently watched My Love from the Star. *beer & fried chicken*

My current thought LOL.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Black and White.


Out with Brenda on Friday for kbox-ing. The previous time when we went together was around two years ago. Quite glad to go there with her again, spamming many WGL's songs hehe. Anyway, it was my first time trying K Suites but I still prefer going to the normal outlet with Kala Card. It is $8 for the Kala Card, with titbits and two drinks but $12 for K Suites and one drink provided.
Headed to Astons for lunch+dinner after that and I had my usual Lemon Lime Chicken.

Had nowhere to go for pictures so we decided to take it here.

Forever awkward time.

Went to a dessert shop at Bugis Junction in the evening and I think their service was very good. The waiter served our orders with utensils in pairs when we did not tell him to, I guess that he knew that we were sharing. & the most surprising part was when I ordered one bottle of mineral water a while later, he brought that bottle, together with two cups. I really did not expect to get the cups. Really -thumb up-!

Getting fatter each day....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Denim Puddings.


Finally a outing with Brenda and Jiexin after so long. Went to Chock Full of Beans for cafe hopping. Did not manage to get any seats in the cafe so we had to sit outside when the weather was killing us. :(

Ordered the wrap, together with mushroom soup and matcha latte. Quite sad that they did not have any art for that latte.

Headed to MBS after that since Brenda needed to leave for an event held there in the late afternoon. & fangirls started to get crazy....

*swiping our hair*

You jump, I jump LOLOL.


Behind the scenes.

& I am ending my post with....




*swiping my hair again*