Saturday, September 20, 2014

I don't dress up for anyone but for myself.

Black x Holographic

Had a great time with my dear bff yesterday. Thanks for bringing me to explore another area of Singapore that I had not gone before. The weather was killing us when we were on our way there and there was a distance to the shops from the mrt station. Headed to Poteato for lunch but it was disappointing that only light bites were available when we reached as I wanted to try their main course. In the end, we ordered Truffle Fries and Classic Chicken Wings. My favourite fries~

Afterwards, we moved on to Plain Vanilla Bakery nearby for pictures hehe. Not a fan of cupcakes so we had the tart and .... (I forgot what was that called but it was nice.)

Hehehe was trying out the new filters in my laptop.

Went to the bookstore at town in the evening for....


Coincidentally met Huishan and Vanessa twice in the day. Miss the girls so much! Btw I finally ate Llao Llao and it was really -thumb up-. Love how the toppings and sauce are mixed together with the yogurt.

Love my dear @ontaechan. See you soon again~

ps. I don't know what I am typing after the first part of my post because I am so tired now hahaha.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Nineteen weeks of internship has finally come to the end. There were many ups and downs throughout those weeks but definitely, it was a good learning experience for me.
I am really thankful to have the opportunity to travel to different sites to see various companies operations and meet many new people. I have met a number of nice souls who treated me very well and did not make my job too difficult even though it was partly because I was an intern. It was really a pleasure to know them and I liked listening to their life stories.
In addition, I have encountered some situations that I really wanted to laugh at that moment.
  • There was once that I had not much energy left after moving some stuff. So at that point of time when I was walking briskly, I almost fell down and one of my flats flew out… It landed beside someone’s workstation and I totally felt like digging a hole when the person turned and looked at me.
  • Another time, one person said that there was a queue at the toilets due to some events then she asked how ah. Hm… I was also thinking the same thing because it was a very unique question hahaha. I cannot be building a temporary toilet within a few seconds right…
Yes, interacting with different people made my work life more enjoyable most of the times. It was better than facing the computer throughout the entire working hours.
Of course, when there are pros, there are also cons but I will not talk about it since it was over. Just remember the best things. :) Ah I miss eating the salad nearby, someone please date me for lunch or dabao for me.

I think I have changed a lot within the four and a half months. The conversation between my friends and I were all about work, or even worse for group members, work and project. & I miss my asthma laughter.. Throughout the past weeks, there was only one time that I laughed like mad when I was out with my poly clique at the airport. Life is so sad omg. I seem like I have become so old.

How I spent my nineteen weeks... 

& when I decided to wear my new clothes at the end of the programme LOL.

Feeling so rah rah (I don't know what I am talking) when I saw the news of my idol's sister getting married yesterday. Can't imagine the day when it is his turn. & I did not know that my idol can be so funny when he was drunk... LOLOL. (Of course I do not own any of the pictures, credits to its respective owners)

Going to have PFA on this coming Friday. Holidays that are filled with project, sigh...