Saturday, January 3, 2015

First post of 2015.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015...

Had bacteria infection on the last week of 2014. My stomach was so painful that I could not even walk but lucky, it did not act up at every hour. Visited the doctor on the 4th day of pain and was diagnosed that I should be having 胃出血 or bacteria infection at first. In the end, it was bacteria infection so I got a jab and many medicine in liquid form. (I prefer eating pills.....) Furthermore, a few packets of sachets (healthy bacteria) were issued so I needed to mix it with water and drink it. x_x
Was supposed to recover within a few days but the pain came back after I completed my medication.Went back to the doctor again and he said that usually 90% of people in Singapore would recover from the bacteria infection in a few days time so I was one of the 10% to win the lottery. Got my second injection and stronger medicine. T-T
Pros and cons. Good things were I could not eat too much because I needed to let my stomach rest and I should drink isotonic drinks instead of plain water. So I lost a bit of weight even though not much YAY LOL. However, there was a long list of food that I could not eat again. Anything that was creamy/milky, fried and spicy. Survived the week with bread and porridge. T-T
2014 was seriously so 'great' to me. Ever since I blacked out during the first half of the year, I had been seeing doctors frequently. 2015, please be good....
Headed out with Brenda yesterday. Was so clueless on what to eat when I stepped out of my house so I think I ended up drinking more than eating. As usual, had fun catching up with her and I felt so retarded because....
Me: Omg, my phone suddenly black screen?!
Brenda: You try to keep pressing the home button and unlock button.
*tried for a few minutes*

Two more days to the start of my last term in poly. Life should be about rushing assignments, projects and quizzes again.

Thank you for ending my 2014 and starting my 2015.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My first sprain in life.

So how's life...?

Finally completed the posts of my fangirl moments in November. So moving on to my life recently... After one day he left, I began to fall sick and was having sore throat. So the following day... I sprained my foot.
Everything was fated on that day. As I did not see the last step of the stairs after walking on the 'ground' for a few seconds and thinking that I had finished climbing down all the stairs, I fell lol. Somemore, I was wearing platforms so my foot was pushed towards the side before I landed on the floor. Felt so shitty because the design of the usual bridges that I have climbed do not have any small steps after climbing down the main steps so I really thought I was on the ground at that point of time... But lucky, I fell from that small step instead of the main steps which were higher.
None of my friends witnessed how I actually fell because when they saw me, I was already on the floor. Then they walked towards me and asked if I was ok, I kept quiet and everyone was like omg as there were blood on my leg. However, I did not feel any pain from the wounded parts because all I felt was like "Shit, my foot is painful...." (Even though part of me was excited I guess as it was my first sprain ever.)
Yeah, after that we went to the airport and my friends helped me to clear the wound on my knee, as well as wounds on other parts of my leg. (I have zero knowledge on dealing with these hahaha) Also, I went to buy a pair of slipper since I could not wear the platforms anymore.
So here are the pictures when I whatsapp-ed my mummy after I fell. (You can just skip the entire post because you might feel disgusted after looking the pictures LOL)

Headed to the nearest TCM clinic from my house after I ended school. So yeah, then I realised hell started. The doctor said that my injury was one of quite serious cases. (Of course not the most) Supposed to hit the blood out after bandaging but I rejected. It would be more painful than acupuncture so I rather undergo acupuncture session once in a few days. Furthermore, I did not really trust that doctor but for the sake of convenience... -_-

There were so many things that I could not eat throughout that period.. Chicken, anything that tasted sour or was cold, coffee, tea, seafood, fried food (due to sore throat). Thus, I only ate fish, fish and fish. (Pork sometimes) & I only drank plain water. I SWEAR THIS IS A TORTURE BECAUSE THOSE TWO ARE NOT MY VERY FAVOURITE STUFF. Just ate chicken after one month plus (when my mid sem tests ended) but not cold food and drinks yet.
I cannot stop lol about this because my foot was too swollen to fit into the slipper for the first two weeks.

After putting the bandage for a few days, my foot looked like it was poisoned, even the back of the toes also. Actually it was just blue black but I think that it was so amazing HAHAHA. (It looked more disgusting in real life but because I edited the lighting of the pictures so it looked better heh)

Apparently, I have changed to another doctor after three weeks because my foot did not fully recover at all. Finally changed as I had signed up the package during the first consultation. The receptionist convinced my mummy since it was more expensive to pay it session by session. Hence, I had to complete the whole package of six acupuncture and massaging sessions before I could change doctor. & I did not trust the first doctor as he did not help to pull or push back anything for my foot even though my mummy and the massager told him that my foot did not look recover. Yet, he still insisted that it was alright. Like.... I should recommend him to have a eye check-up.
During my last session, I met another doctor who was only situated at that outlet once in a week (the first doctor was on leave) and he tried to help me but he could not fix back everything at a go because it would be super painful till I could not take it. WHY DID I NOT MEET HIM EARLIER... Then the massager asked us to sign up more packages again to cure my foot fully. CONCLUSION: MY FIRST DOCTOR SUCKS, MAYBE THAT CLINIC TOO.. FELT THAT MY MONEY WAS WASTED.. Maybe they would receive commission if they introduce customers those packages. (Afterwards, I have heard from other people that that clinic was not very good and the staff always asked customers to sign packages. Oh well....)
Went to the TCM clinic at Bedok Reservoir that was quite famous and the doctor bandaged my foot again. Was quite surprised the medical fee was much more cheaper than the one I went earlier on. However, after a few sessions, the doctor concluded that there was no cure for my foot because it was too late to push everything back if I did not feel any pain while walking. So the bone of that foot is harder and popped up when compared to my left foot. Yeah, that's when I really started to curse my first doctor lol...
& then recently, I started to feel pain whenever it was a rainy day due to rheumatism.

Was quite busy with school during these weeks. Officially completed MP a few weeks ago!! After seven months of hard work, we were finally free from the hectic project. Felt so thankful to be in the same group with other members. #whatismp (Was still injured in that period but I removed the bandage already so it looked normal, just that I had a hard time squeezing my foot into the flat as it was quite swollen LOL)

 Our last presentation in 2014.

Merry X'mas Eve to all... :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Last in 2014.

End of Fangirl '14.

Almost overslept that day. Actually I did, because I was supposed to wake up at a earlier timing. According to my mummy, I woke up at that timing but I switched off my alarm and went back to sleep. & I was like YOU JUST LET ME SLEPT ALL THE WAY?! LOL, because I really cannot remember myself doing that so I think I was 'sleepwalking'. Imagine I am late to send him off... T-T
Went to the airport and Bii arrived a while later so I managed to take some videos of him.

There was one part when I heard the staff (if I am not wrong because many people crowd around) said, "他不是炎亚纶哦" and Bii was like "哈哈哈!" Sounds so bad lol...

So a while more, the handsome boy reached. First time seeing so many fans sending him off in Singapore. Had a hard time going up to him most of the times but lucky, I managed to pass him my letter although I did not get a good fancam.

Bye bye, the last time in 2014. Do not think that he might be coming to Singapore next year due to his packed schedule to film movies and musical, unless he is free to attend at least a one day event here. T-T 

After he went into the transit hall, this was what happened lol. -_-

With the girls before ending our day. Thank you for the company during the three days. ^^

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Aaron Time Autograph Session

The Aaron Time

The trouble of a fangirl: Should I take pictures or videos?

Went to IMM with the girls to queue in the morning and it was a torture as we did not have much sleep, the weather was horrible and the venue was too far. From East to West, sigh. But really felt so glad to have them with me to attend events together during these few years.

The host of the event. :)

Took more videos than pictures this time round but not posting all of them as I am too lazy hehe. So he sang 这不是我 and 台北沉睡了 that day. (Was actually hoping that he would sing 大智若娛 or new songs that he has not sung live yet.)

He was too happy to see the fans hahaha.


Hi my handsome boy... It was going to be two years since I talked to him. (Not counting the moments that I called his name only) Mixed feelings because it seemed like not seeing him for that two years. Did not talk much as usual but I thanked him for taking the initiative to ask me something so that we would have more interactions. Got one moment when we were ??? as we did not understand what each other meant LOL. Thank you for everything, love the action you did when you said love you. (He told many fans love you before they left the stage.) Of course, the fan service was not the best as compared to last year, but still, I was ♥.

With the rest of the girls after our turns for the autograph session. 

Miss him so much... T-T *bye bye*

I know you have attractive eyes. ♥.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

SHA 2014


Headed to the airport to fetch the handsome guy at the start of the day. Surprisingly, Bii took the flight an hour earlier than wgl so we managed to see him too!! Quite handsome hehehe. But it was sad when there were some people behind me, trying to chase him then after a while, one of them said, "Eh, not Yalun?!"

After several minutes... Hi handsome boy, after 19 days. LOL ZOOM IN TOO MUCH.

Was following him at the back so I only had this view. Hehehe but I kept on hearing him talking so it was also .

It started to rain heavily when we were on the cab. Met a nice taxi driver who was friendly and enthusiastic in helping us to follow him hahaha. 

While waiting for the event at night.

So the event started at 7p.m and here's someone at the red carpet. 

His junior so also must support LOL.

Congrats for attaining three awards!!! The Versatile Artiste Award, Listener's Choice- OSIM Favourite Album Cover Award and the Most Popular Male Artiste Award. You are so awesome!

& next was his performance! Yes, he came down from the stage and stood in front of the audience hehe. He looked way too handsome in the suit!!!

Spotted him at the side near us during the ceremony. Before that, he actually walked past us quietly but it was too late for me to switch on my camera again. Also, there was a guy (usher on stage) who also dressed in suit and his hairstyle was something like wgl's. There were quite a number of fans started to film and wave at him because it was dark to see the face clearly. So what I did was to use my camera to zoom in his face to double confirm again and yeah, 100% not wgl. HAHAHA HE MUST BE THINKING WHY SO MANY PEOPLE FILMED AND WAVED AT HIM OMG SO FUNNY.

After everything ended, we waited for him at the hotel. HANDSOME X1000000. &...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT MOMENT. :')

Tough life now. So many due dates for assignments and tests. Also, I sprained my foot so I have difficulties in walking. Life is so sad.