Sunday, November 16, 2014

SHA 2014


Headed to the airport to fetch the handsome guy at the start of the day. Surprisingly, Bii took the flight an hour earlier than wgl so we managed to see him too!! Quite handsome hehehe. But it was sad when there were some people behind me, trying to chase him then after a while, one of them said, "Eh, not Yalun?!"

After several minutes... Hi handsome boy, after 19 days. LOL ZOOM IN TOO MUCH.

Was following him at the back so I only had this view. Hehehe but I kept on hearing him talking so it was also .

It started to rain heavily when we were on the cab. Met a nice taxi driver who was friendly and enthusiastic in helping us to follow him hahaha. 

While waiting for the event at night.

So the event started at 7p.m and here's someone at the red carpet. 

His junior so also must support LOL.

Congrats for attaining three awards!!! The Versatile Artiste Award, Listener's Choice- OSIM Favourite Album Cover Award and the Most Popular Male Artiste Award. You are so awesome!

& next was his performance! Yes, he came down from the stage and stood in front of the audience hehe. He looked way too handsome in the suit!!!

Spotted him at the side near us during the ceremony. Before that, he actually walked past us quietly but it was too late for me to switch on my camera again. Also, there was a guy (usher on stage) who also dressed in suit and his hairstyle was something like wgl's. There were quite a number of fans started to film and wave at him because it was dark to see the face clearly. So what I did was to use my camera to zoom in his face to double confirm again and yeah, 100% not wgl. HAHAHA HE MUST BE THINKING WHY SO MANY PEOPLE FILMED AND WAVED AT HIM OMG SO FUNNY.

After everything ended, we waited for him at the hotel. HANDSOME X1000000. &...THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT MOMENT. :')

Tough life now. So many due dates for assignments and tests. Also, I sprained my foot so I have difficulties in walking. Life is so sad.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Aaron A-Nation

Singapore A-Nation

(Pic from HIM Facebook)

Went to the airport to fetch him. Miss him so much even though it has been only two months. Did not expect him to come via that flight so Jiexin and I were chilling. Suddenly, she told me she saw someone who looked like him HAHAHA. He was looking at our direction and smiling when I was capturing him but I did not manage to get a clear view. But HI, WELCOME TO SINGAPORE LOL.

Went to MBS afterwards and just nua nua nua.


Headed to MBS again even though I did not go for the concert. Saw his dancers coincidentally and we took photos with them. They were very friendly and nice hehehe.

So actually, I saw Lena Fuji walking past me when I was standing somewhere alone. & my reaction was like "Oh.... Lena Fuji." Who knows she ended up eating with my idol directly downstairs from where I was HAHAHA.


THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE LETTER! Finally talked to him again after 1+year even though I only called his name LOL. But it is ok because I always do not know what to say though.

My favourite moment out of all when he suddenly turned and looked at me. A bit shocked because I did not expect it. It is like you are walking in a crowd and the person in front of you suddenly turn behind.

Helloooooooooooo~ ♥.

Time for a selfie.

Bye bye~ See you soon!

-Flying Kiss-

& another favourite moment. Someone liked each of this picture that we uploaded individually hehe. Within one minute after the upload, I went OMG when seeing the news feed. Then the rest also went OMG hahaha. We were like performing, taking turns to OMG. Thanks for your spam hehehe.

Did not manage to take a picture with Cindy as she has gone off first. :(

To-gather Cafe

Headed to the cafe with Brenda, Gina and Kainee after sending him off. We had a hard time on our way there due to the humid weather and the atmosphere on the bus. I could not believe there was a group of people thinking that they were in a tour bus and they kept singing or talking loudly throughout the whole journey... 
Love the environment of the cafe and various quotes on the wall.

Ordered Mexican Quesadilla which tasted like KFC Meltz. However, there were capsicum in the wrap so you might not like it if you do not eat that.

Also ordered Tiramisu and shared with Brenda as we were quite full.

With the girls while queueing!

Did not take any picture of him throughout the three days. I only filmed fancam so I screenshot some scenes and uploaded here. YAYA I KNOW I AM VERY ASS TO PUT BIG WATERMARK HAHAHA.

Countdown to 16 more days. Can't believe you will be here again in less than three weeks time.